Friday, February 13, 2009

Paintings from days of yore...

Back from my days at Vetor-Zero/Lobo.

Marcelo Souto drew these 4 backgrounds (I think the P&B pencil art is on his blog somewhere). I had to paint them based on a piece of "concept art/color key" Andre Leão did to guide the "look/mood/color palette" of the job (I don't have that piece of art with me, but it was freaking amazing!).

It was an 2D-animation advertising job for Portugal (a juice called Umbongo, if I remember correctly). On top of the backgrounds danced all kinds of animals huahuahuahua

Fun times! I spent those days painting, chatting and laughing !



marcio M.O.A. perrella jr. said...

Yo little brothaa!!

That´s funny and so beautfull arts !!
The composition was a soft look and the colors it´s so cool!!

cheers alladin!!

Tadeu Cariello said...

Eai Rafa , ta parado???, manda suas pinturas...P!&*!%(@!!!