Thursday, February 26, 2009

2-Hour tribute to "Groove on Down, Groove on Down the Rope"

I found this image while surfing fffound, I think. So I tried a little exercise where I would replicate it, using NO Photoshop trick whatsoever. One layer, no drawing over, no color picking, no Levels, No Image Adjustments, etc. Just trying to draw it and paint it as if I was doing it with ink and paint on paper.

Great exercise, btw. A lesson in humility :)

I don't know who owns the image, but the copyright/etc is his/her. If anyone knows the name of the owner, please let me know and I will aknowledge this and give him the proper credit.


Marcelo Pasqua da Costa said...

Po rafa fico massa, lembro dessa imagem. Macacao ta mandando mto.
Cade tu???????

Alex Liki said...

Grande trampo como sempre meu velho! Parabéns!